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Situated in the prestigious hills of Soto Grande, with panoramic views of Gibraltar on the Costa del Sol, San Diego Hills presents an exceptional fusion of natural beauty and culinary excellence. Positioned in a quickly developing area, this enclave is just minutes away from the vibrant life of Costa del Sol. Discover the grandeur of San Diego Hills, featuring its most expansive plot to date—an extraordinary opportunity for those seeking unmatched exclusivity and fast-growing investment prospects. Strategically positioned, this plot is conveniently located within a 60-minute drive from Málaga and a 20-minute drive to Gibraltar international airports. Revel in the breathtaking panoramic views, offering an unparalleled setting that harmonizes natural splendor with ultimate privacy With a strong commitment to sustainability, 54% of the Soto Grande and San Diego Hills neighborhood remains an untouched green belt zone. The average plot size in this esteemed community is approximately 3,000m² with a building volume of 12%. This low-density composition ensures that each plot retains its natural beauty, offering owners unparalleled space and privacy. Nevertheless, San Diego Hills stands out as an exceptional feature within this already extraordinary community. Showcasing an impressive total of 9,320m², it proudly holds the distinguished title of being the largest residential plot in Soto Grande and San Diego Hills.




Reference: R4661167

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