Happy Holidays to you fine web visitors. 

For many, the Holiday Season offers a moment to reflect on the year’s activity be that on a personal or professional level or both.   Whilst we may not always succeed or achieve every goal or ambition, we set out to accomplish at the start of the year, we do on many levels get a step closer.    

For some, this is the time to meet and greet, see old friends, have family close and enjoy the company of others not really caring too much what the next day brings.  Many of us take a moment to consider those less fortunate than ourselves and to say thanks for what we have.


For those of you wishing upon a visit from Santa Claus (I for one keep looking to catch a glimpse of Rudolf) and I know there’s a few here at the office with fingers crossed, letters written and sent (you know who you are), please, be patient for Christmas Eve is very close.

May I place my hat into the ring once again to ask St Nicholas for a Woodie Wagon that I can drive vs a 1 1:18 scale which arrives each year and that will no longer satisfy.  Santa please, I just love a Woodie wagon and the thought of cruising the coastline with the family, two dogs and a faux surfboard does warm my heart.

The end of year holidays means differing things to each of us.  Some will reflect, some will rejoice and some of us, well most of us, will eat and drink more than we should.  Whatever you do this season, take a moment, and enjoy those around you.

On behalf of the Glaser Group may we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

The G-Team

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