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Buying property in the Costa del Sol for investment purposes has proven to offer lucrative opportunities year on year. Our team can advise you on the merits of buying into off-plan or new build projects, properties for reform or renovation or for straight out renting to take advantage of the in-demand short- and long-term market. Contact the team at your convenience.

Off Plan

Buying property from and in a proven, quality and successful development is both a wise and financially beneficial investment. Our clients enjoy the benefit of being first and are often, repeat purchasers. You may wish to buy-in early via off plan purchase and sell as the development is finalised or you may decide to retain your investment stake and to rent the property short or long term.


Investing in property to rent for long or short term rental has proven financial benefits as you receive a return on investment either monthly or per booking and an increase in value of your property. A true WIN WIN. WIN!

Generally speaking, long term rentals provide less work for you as your tenant is committed to a guaranteed contract term whereby you receive a fixed, steady income per month or lump sum payment.

Whereas, short term or holiday let rentals provide more work arranging bookings, confirming arrival and departure times, cleaning, additional maintenance and upkeep but in return provide a potentially higher yield of rental income. We can discuss the options open to you and what may suit your needs, those of the investment property and the surrounding area.


We have the necessary understanding and experience to assist you in searching, choosing and buying a property that requires or has the potential to be renovated or reformed for a healthy capital return.

This form of investment has greater complexities than a simple buy to rent property and should be looked into with great care and understanding of what is feasible, what budget and timescales are required. We have a successful track record of working with our clients to buy and renovate investment properties.

Investment Club

Our investment club initiative is highly confidential and very much hush, hush.
Contact Maarten Glaser directly for further information.

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