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Cerros del Aguila, is our first choice for future property hotspots here in the Costa del Sol.  Located minutes above Fuengirola and a gladiator’s throw from La Cala de Mijas, surrounded by endless mountain and sea views, is there a better location that offers such value?  We believe nothing can come close, and we ask that you read on.

When most of us think of a Spanish home, bet that for vacation or permanent life, we often jump to the idea of a sea view.  This in most cases is the dream. The reality is very different come summer and when tourists arrive.  Sea views are usually not so great for swift mobility, unwanted noise, seasonal restaurant pricing, next to zero parking and increased activity from the hustle and bustle of those enjoying themselves.    Whilst a sea view is on most buyers wish lists, the reality is far from ideal. Therefore, having a quality sea view without the downsides mentioned is for this writer, a unicorn, the unobtainable.