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Property built with the idea of housing a private school, which can now be adapted, extended and new buildings constructed, on a plot of 12,692 m2 for rent to buy, with a net buildability of 1.5 m2t/m2s and a ground floor occupation of 60%, of which 2,626 m2 have been used, with multiple possibilities for other uses, such as geriatric residence, clinics, hospital, school with residence or vocational training centres or other types of education. As it is a large plot, it gives room for open spaces and areas with nature, trees and gardens. It is a newly constructed rectangular building, with two floors built out of the three that were planned, in which space has been left for stairs and a lift, in case the project is completed. The structure is made of steel and hollow core slabs and the interior, compartmentalised with plasterboard partitioning, is a very versatile space that can be easily transformed with a small amount of building work. The property is located in an urban environment, in the town of Archidona, 50 minutes from Malaga and 20 minutes from Antequera (important logistic distribution centre for large companies such as Mercadona, Ikea, Imz Holdings or Lumon), where the AVE train arrives, connecting with Malaga in 25 minutes and Madrid, in just 2 hours and 25 minutes, with easy access both by private vehicle and public transport, which places it in a strategic position to provide services to all these points of reference and their connectors. A great business opportunity for investors.




Reference: R4503187

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