Detached Villa La Quinta

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This property embodies everything that is classic elegance. This farm that inspires sports of traditional Spanish haciendas boasts an unrivaled position in the luxurious gated complex The Hills community in La Quinta. This emblematic villa offers a perfect combination of classic style. and contemporary elegance. Inspired by traditional Spanish haciendas, Spanish Corner 15 offers residents a striking façade adorned with natural stone. He Triangular roofs and charming traditional tiles position residents in the south Spain. The outdoor spaces of this property are the piece de resistance, with elegant pavements. decorating the terraces. The terraces offer plenty of outdoor seating areas, from various from outdoor dining areas to multiple lounging areas. The south orientation of the property gives residents with expansive panoramic views of the surrounding area as well as stunning sunrises and sunsets. The interior of Spanish Corner 15 is as extraordinary as its exterior, perfectly incorporating the stone details from the exterior. The highlight of this space is customization. Kitchen with a modern design, which effortlessly combines aesthetics and functionality. The master piece of this property is possibly the floor to ceiling window in the living room, allowing for impeccable Views of the Mediterranean. The neutral tones and attention to detail from the designers at Cogitari Homes create a relaxing environment. atmosphere. With a total of 5 exquisite rooms, it is the main room that really stands out. Its ceiling is adorned with elegant dark brown wooden beams, reflecting the Triangular shape of the roof, which infuses a touch of tradition inspired by the Spanish style of the property. Estate design. The room is further enhanced with luxurious stone and wood details, and a attractive freestanding bathtub that increases its appeal. An impressive walk-in closet elevates the feeling of luxury, while the master bathroom offers the perfect sanctuary to relax and pamper yourself. This property features a range of personalized amenities such as a fully equipped home gym, a tranquil treatment room and a unique entertainment space. The presence of these amenities. not only makes this property the perfect place to host meetings, but also ensures that Residents can enjoy leisure and entertainment without having to leave the comfort of their own house.




Reference: R4553167

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