Detached Villa Ojén

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The house is divided into a 3-storey main building with two apartments attached to the main building with terraces and consists of another independent acidification on the other side of the patio with 3 horse stables and a workshop. The only enabled room is the second floor of the main building which consists of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 living rooms. The house has two entrances to it. * With car crossing the river and parking inside the property, space for one car. * Walk across the bridge parking your car at the entrance. It has 3 areas outside the house, the patio which surrounds the buildings, another space to park the car with a small orchard on the slope of the river and another space on the side of the building. Possibility of building 10-12 rooms with their private bathrooms in the main building (3 floors) and two independent apartments with a total of 1394 meters built. About 5 minutes walk from the property there are two natural water pools, incredible walks through the mountains and views of the famous La Concha mountain (Marbella).




Reference: R4273726

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