Ground Floor Apartment Estepona

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With the best land, air and sea connections through Malaga, we arrive in Estepona at the Costa del Sol. Strategically located between the sea and the mountains, Mirador de Estepona Hills stands out due to its concept of indisputable quality. Something unlike anything else in the area. Everything you need in one doorstep, from the superior Sport Center, 1000m² indoor áreas, 2200m² outdoor áreas, out door crossfit área, lounge área, spining looking to the sea, all this in the Mirador Sport Center Club to the community engagement program, 5 paddel courts, walking areas inside the Resort, direct access to the slopes of Sierra Bermeja to enjoy a day of mountain walking. The elegant and organic architecture joins nature thanks to the irregular architecture of the common areas, which have a system that collects rainwater and reuses it for irrigation. Lush vegetation between the sea and the mountains turn the urbanization into a true oasis of homes, flowers and palm trees, unique in the area. Another unique thing about the apartment is the water filter that has been installed in order to make the water drinkable and cleans away chalice. There are also solar panels that provide electricity to the apartments which makes this property very energyeffective. The solar panels manage to create more electricity than used in the apartment, which means that the electricity can be resold and generate a passive income.




Reference: R4171666

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