Middle Floor Apartment Marbella

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Cozy apartment strategically located near the emblematic 'La Concha' mountain. Although at first glance it may seem simple, this apartment hides treasures that will surprise you. As soon as you enter this home, you'll realize that simplicity can be charming. The kitchen is strategically placed on your right side and designed to offer a practical space where you can create delicious meals while enjoying views of 'La Concha'. With its unpretentious style, everything necessary for preparing your favorite dishes awaits. Just next to the kitchen is a warm and welcoming living room thoughtfully designed with every corner utilized optimally; providing an ideal place for relaxing after full days filled with emotions and activities. On your left-hand side down the hall lies an exquisitely decorated modest bathroom equipped with modern amenities inviting relaxation & wellbeing… Continuing further along the hallway reveals into one lovely double bedroom which despite its size surprises guests by offering abundant charm coupled up within friendly confines enveloping all those who visit. Windows in each room allow entry of soft ocean breeze combined alongside natural light creating tranquil spaces throughout facilitating restful moments amidst peace through varied times spent here…. The convenience extends beyond interior elegance onto terrace beauty too…as there are supermarkets nearby allowing ease-of-access whilst exploring vibrantly rich city life offered around surrounding areas sure enough captivating hearts everywhere! Additionally includes handiness via fitted wardrobes plus efficient lift access perfect complementing any individual's lifestyle needs seamlessly regardless thereof what they might encompass! The bottom line? This comfortable Marbella flat suits anyone searching uncomplicated yet enchantingly peaceful accommodations – thanks particularly due proximity towards La Concha Mountain enhancing overall ambience heightening discovery potentialities far-reaching across broader limits found within marvelous Marbella. Don't miss out on this opportunity to see all the photos and discover the charm of this special place! In compliance with Andalusia Board Decree 218/2005 dated October 11th, customers are informed that notary expenses, registry fees & ITP tax are not included in price but real estate intermediation is included.




Reference: R4329619

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