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Rustic Plot with Industrial Warehouses in a 3,000m² plot with AFO Certification thus providing legal compliance. The entire property is securely fenced. Key Features: Two Industrial Warehouses: The property comprises two single-storey industrial warehouses with a 495m² total constructed area. Warehouse 1 Amenities: Includes a bathroom and an office space of approximately 11m² on a mezzanine level, accessed via stairs. Additional Storage Spaces: There are two warehouses and two covered sheds, totalling 145m² (computed at 50% covered area). Water Storage: The property boasts three cisterns with capacities of 60,000 litres, 20,000 litres, and 10,000 litres, in addition to well water and town water sources. Easy Access: The property is easily accessible, facilitating varied use of the installations.




Reference: R4631353

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