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THE PROPERTY. UNIQUE TRANSFER OPPORTUNITY! In the heart of the dazzling Marbella promenade, we present a fully operational premises ready to continue your entrepreneurial dream. This welcoming establishment features a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for culinary creation, and an elegantly furnished lounge that provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, accommodating approximately twenty guests indoors. The crown jewel is its spacious terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with seating for about 10 guests, offering a unique gastronomic experience with the unmistakable sound of waves in the background. This prime location, in an area perfect for commerce and dining, ensures a constant flow of customers and a loyal clientele. Imagine your business in an environment where glamour and sophistication converge. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity. Contact us now to learn more details and take the next step towards business success! Make this place your dream come true in the heart of Marbella! THE AREA Marbella's waterfront promenade is a vibrant gem in full swing. This bustling area is infused with the Mediterranean essence, boasting golden beaches stretching along the coast and a lively marina that adds a nautical touch to the landscape. In its surroundings, the promenade teems with life, hosting an eclectic mix of commercial establishments and restaurants offering a unique culinary variety and shopping experiences. Palm trees sway to the rhythm of the wind, providing shade for pedestrians exploring this lively coastal stretch. Whether sipping coffee with a sea view or perusing local boutiques, Marbella's waterfront promenade is a destination that seamlessly blends elegance with vitality, creating an unforgettable setting on the Costa del Sol.




Reference: R4565911

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