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Excellent opportunity to own a commercial premises in the busy area of los Jarales in Calahonda, Mijas. The location is in a row of shops and restaurants at the front of a big commercial centre, and within the commercial area is a large Mercadona supermarket and a bank. A very busy are with both local residents who live within Calahonda, as well as a huge amount of visitors who come for holidays either in local hotels and AirBnBs, as well as in the large campsite close by. The shop is currently operating and has a very good and reliable tenant who has never missed a monthly payment. The rental is 1350 euro per month and this gives an ongoing ROI of just over 6%. The shop is in excellent condition and comprises of a large storeroom at the rear of the shop. The interior of the store is bright and clean and has a large street front window. Additionally there is a mezzanine upstairs with an extra 20 square meters of storage and office space. There is in addition a small bathroom up here with toilet. The front of the shop faces straight out onto the main coastal road, A7, giving excellent visibility for signage and advertising.




Reference: R4653877

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