Our clients have varyingly different end goals or as we say, different wants and needs.

Some wish to purchase a property for holiday or investment purposes. Others, are looking to retire in a few years and are planning well in advance.

Whereas, some of our clients are wanting to buy and move sooner, rather than later.

Whichever category you see yourself leaning toward, one thing is for sure, you will need an NIE.  The NIE is an important document for residents or non-residents in Spain.  Not only does it allow you to reside in Spain legally, but it will also give you the possibility of:

  • Buying a home or a car
  • Registering with the Social Security
  • Open a bank account with any bank
  • Opening a business
  • Working in Spain
  • Making the declaration of your income
  • Access to public services

We can help attain the NIE appointment for you and your family and assist you throughout the whole process. Make contact at your convenience and let our team offer their advice at no cost to you. 

Remember, we go all out to help. 

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