Outpriced and Overrated?

Has the Costa del Sol become a victim of its success? Property price-wise?  

Before we get into this and do our utmost to provide a coherent answer, it truly is a matter of perspective.  Are properties on the Costa del Sol expensive or more euros than those of equal size in say Turkey or Greece, then the answer is, yes.  Are they more expensive than the French or Italian Riviera then the answer is, no.    

Are properties here, in the Costa del Sol more expensive than those in the Costa Blanca or Costa Brava, without a heartbeat hesitation, I can say yes. Ok, there’s a few areas where a unicorn will appear, overall, the Costa del Sol is more expensive. Always has been.

Read on for the full scoop…

The word expensive often means more, but we could argue, do the properties here in the Costa del Sol offer better value than those in Turkey or Greece.  Again, it’s about your perception and your perspective.  I would add that the answer is, better value can be found here.  There is no reason other than the choice to go to France, Italy, or further afield unless you want to or your taste buds pull you toward the delights of any single country.  


So, we ask, or I hear you ask.  Why is this desirable part of Spain a little higher in price to purchase property than the majority of coastal Spain?   Simple answer, we have far more to do and see. The weather is better (seriously, it’s better, less humid, less cold, more sunlight, more days of sunshine), we have the best golf courses in the whole of Spain, we have mountaineering, skiing, water sports and an extensive array of restaurants that may not quite compete with some in the north, they get very close.  


Since Covid, prices have risen, we cannot hide this nor should we.   Without looking too hard, new builds have risen, prices for country properties have risen, apartments have, you guessed it, risen and all manner of villas have shot upwards.  There was a time when sub 200k was sufficient to purchase a nice, newly built apartment.  €250,000 gave you a cracking finca – a country house with pool, land and great views.  One million euros used to be a big number for a newly built villa in and around the Marbella area. Alas dear reader, times have changed.  


This I guess leads us to, will they continue to rise? This dear reader is way above my pay grade.  History tells us that over the last ten years, Costa del Sol property has risen an average of 7.5% per annum.  There is a shortage of land available here and this cannot change, we are not going to see Dubai’s levels of sea grab when Spain has such large quantities of land available, even if that land is not near the sea.  


   In the city


Our recommendation is to take your time, seek out the area, property type, and budget you have, and go on a search for what suits you.  Then, once you have your tick boxes TICKED, decide and purchase your property dream.  


We are here to help in any way we can.  We are happy to assist you in understanding the market, the buying process, and the timescales involved.  Request our buyer’s guide or make a call to speak to us on 0034 604 137 319.  Whatever you decide, enjoy what the Costa del Sol has to offer.

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