Finding your next property should and will be an exciting and enjoyable experience with the Glaser Group. FULL STOP as we often say.  That is it in a nutshell.  Exciting and Enjoyable.  Enjoy shopping for a new home.  

We want to help you explore new residential areas and find new and interesting parts of areas you may have thought you knew well. Looking for property should be a journey starting from what you thought you wanted to possibly see and experiencing exactly what you did not know you wanted.   

Enjoyable house hunting – this is what we want, and this is what we strive to achieve for our clients, for you. The property hunt is the reason we lace-up their boots and goes to bat for you.  Let us get in the mix and find what your heart and head desires.

BE INTERNET SAVVY. By the way, news flash coming, the majority of your ideal properties are not found through the use of your mobile or desktop device.  Unless you are feeling lucky (are you feeling lucky, punk) and have time to waste – the internet is part good and part not so good.  The image you see of the perfect house, apartment, or new build or off-plan property at a tempting price may well be a real property that is for sale or to rent.  It may also be an internet scam or a way to bait and switch you into something you did not want.


Also, consider that a rather large percentage of listings are incorrectly inputted into search databases.  Meaning what information is presented to you via the search functions is not necessarily what the property is all about.   Whilst we are not saying you will buy something you do not want to buy, you could and will most likely waste time and energy on a non-existent property goose-chase.  Not all that glitters is gold I am told or was told by my mother.  This is more apparent today than ever before.  Be internet savvy, save your time, and enjoy your property search and match experience.


Here are our first three of many steps to happy property hunting and ultimately, happy property buying:

1. Facts.  We ask, collaborate, cajole, and softly push you to tell us what it is you really want.  We will push hard to get the most out of our time together be that on the phone or in person.  

2. Clarify.  We seek to capture your thoughts on budget, size, view, location, property type, and car parking wants and needs to name but a few parameters.  We then work together to tweak and tailor what’s what before we commence a search on your behalf.     

3. Search.  Our team goes to work, we search out your best property match through the Glaser Group’s access to the lion’s share of properties for sale in Spain, in the Costa del Sol, and Andalucia. Additionally, our extensive network of current, for-sale properties through corporate and independent developers and hush, hush clients enable us to find the one-off properties that most likely are not advertised to the general public.  


We are experts in all matters of property.  Finding your new home is our business and our pleasure.

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