Welcome to our first post on our very new, very shiny and hopefully to you the reader, web land visitor a nice, clean, modern and straightforward to navigate website.  Whilst I am (that’s me the one writing this and future posts assuming the editor tolerate’s my down with the kid’s style) not a big fan of “welcome to our first news or blog post” posts, one has to start somewhere.  

Yes, this is our first post and welcome to our news section.  Welcome to our new site.  Are we new I hear someone four rows back, just left of straight ahead ask?  Well, yes sir we sort of are new but we are not new.  New Not New then?

You see as a collective, our team, the team we call the G-Team is not new.  We are not old either, average age is circa 37 which means we have a few older (me writing this post being one) and a few younger team members – more on one of them (and the others) in the near future.  We have collectively worked in the real estate market (Spain, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, UK, USA to name a few) for a decade less than a half century (wow do I feel old) and struggling to find a better word to describe 40, yes forty years or four decades selling, advising and helping our fellow man or woman purchase a home for pure living-in terms or investment purposes.  

Old Not New.  New not old.  As our sole American employee often says (read into this, he says this often) ‘Tis what it ’tis.  Which means it is what it is and therefore, just stating fact. 

Welcome to our site.  Sit back and await tantalising delicacies from our wonderful seat looking at the fabulous lifestyle, the culinary and artistic wonders and visual delights on offer here in the Costa del Sol, Andalucia and Southern Spain.  Enjoy fellow man visitor.  Enjoy

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