With complete transparency we, the Glaser Group and the G-Team accept that there are few if any differences a leading real estate company can make.  We are a company that upholds high standards of itself. We try to demonstrate and separate ourselves from what appears to be and is a considerable number of competitors.  From the outsider’s point of view, Real Estate agents all appear to say the same thing. In this way, it can be a confusing time as to who you choose to sell or buy property with.

The industry speaks of being honest and transparent, they say we are here to go the extra mile and often say they know the market better or they have a way of getting the better deal.  In the end, you decide whether or not this is true for the company you deal with and make your decisions based on what you see and what you hear and how you feel.  

At our core, the Glaser Group and the G-Team remains human.  We care for our clients and have long-standing, close-knit relationships that we enjoy together.  It is far too easy to write here how great we are.  How great our clients feel about us and how we went the extra mile and brought home the best deal for the buying or selling party.  Too easy to write, much harder to deliver day in, day out.  


We knowingly accept we are not perfect and that at times it’s not 100%.  Our clients know that we do our very best and that is usually far better than the next guy.

We have built-up client trust through hard work, complete clarity and total honesty.  We can and will find your next property be that for pure living-in or for investment purposes.  We can and will help you sell your current property for the right price in the best time possible.   


Will selling or buying a property be a plain sailing experience whereby we all go off into the sunset holding hands?  Unlikely that is the case all of the time.  We strive for this happy dream and often get close.  What we do is make it happen.  Actually, history shows that we go all out to make this happen, often and with complete success. 



Read what our clients have to say about the Glaser Group and the G-Team here .

We are a great partner to speak with regarding property be that selling or buying.  You will find the G-Team both international in terms of language and in their views.  

We are at our core Human.  Call us, email us or social contact us or do it the old fashioned way and visit us for a coffee.   

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