2022 has seen only slight changes in our client’s preference to purchase new build vs pre-loved properties.  So far this year New vs Old(er) sales are running 50:50 with the G-Team clients. Neck and Neck some will say or a dead heat for others.  Question is, what are the differences, and which will come out on top?  As an aside, whilst the Glaser Group is new, the team is not – read about us here

Buying a new, never lived in home offers a different experience to buying pre-loved.   We won’t say second hand or used, this is not a car purchase, but it is a decision many of our clients make pre-search or pre-hunt.   That is not to say you cannot change your mind at any time.   Enjoying the search or happy hunting as we like to say is paramount to the experience overall.

Your choice.  New or Pre-Loved?  We can offer our suggestions and we can offer our views and in this news segment that is what we are setting out to achieve. Here goes, New Build V Pre-Loved.  Who Wins?

                                                            NEW BUILD        

Property offers you the buyer a brand-new home that no one has lived in at any time.  You are the first, the only ones to experience the full gambit of what the property offers for the very first time.  I think you get what we are talking about.  It’s new.  Nothing more to say.  So, what could buying new mean to you?  Here’s a few reasons to buy a new home:

  • Low Cost of Maintenance.  A new property is built to modern day standards, latest building regulations and using latest know-how and it’s new so there’s nothing to update or change or fix.
  • The Convenience of Move-In Ready.  No need to consider replacement or upgrades of any part of your home. Just move in.  Also, perfect for investment and holiday home buyers.
  • High-Rated Energy Efficiency.  Again, built to the latest environmental standards meaning your home is the most efficient it can be.  This reduces your monthly costs and you do right by the world.
  • The Protection of a New Home Warranty.  Some aspects of your new home will be covered for ten years, other aspects three years and for general decoration items and fit out, one year.
  • Modern Floor Plans and Designs for How You Live. In some cases, changes to the layout and fittings and fixtures are tailored to suit you.
  • A Home Designed to Fit Your Style and Eye. You can add your input into the colours, design features or style of many aspects of your home, the result is you get what you want and what you need.
  • A New Community with Top Amenities. Whilst not always a set-in stone rule, new communities offer modern facilities such as leisure areas, community, or commerce parks to name a few.


Is for most of us, the way in which we choose to purchase our next home.  They are not necessarily always cheaper, they are not necessarily better, but they are exactly what you see, touch, and feel before purchase.  For some of us we like the prospect of being different or making changes to suit what new conveniences we want from an old(er) property.  The romance of property so to speak sometimes pulls at the heart more so than what some feel is a vanilla, new build property.  I may start to show my preference here if I’m not careful, so let’s get to why you should consider a pre-loved:

  • Inventory and Choice.  Without question, there are more pre-loved homes to choose from than new.  In fact, for every 1 new build property, there are four if not five pre-loved properties for sale at any one time.
  • Style.  New builds are what they are and in today’s market, a little white box overload (if you ask me, not that you did) and so for some, having choice and character outweighs new.
  • Size. History tells us that properties back in the day were often bigger than they are now. None of the G-Team would say 100% this being the case every time, but we often see pre-loved offering better space and size for the money over new.
  • Established neighbourhood and surroundings.  Simple really, you can see what and where and who you will be living in and amongst and for some that is where it is at.
  • Bargains for the brave.  Not always for the brave, but for those willing to do some work or manage a few contractors, there are bargains aplenty within the pre-loved market, call the G-Team to ask where they are and how to gain access to these pre-loved gems.

The G-Team is on hand to discuss your property needs be that new build, off-plan or pre-loved.  We have the network, the know-how and the get-up and go to make your next home, investment, or holiday property a reality. Who really cares if the new builds win over the pre-loved properties come end of 2022?  For the Glaser Group and the G-Team we love the hunt, and we love making your goals a reality – call, email or walk on by – we are here to help.  Remember, WE GO ALL OUT!

To be continued…

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