Those of you routing for new builds to win over pre-loved and Those who love an older property vs a new one, here’s three head-to-head shoot outs to get the blood pumping.  We have chosen three different price point’s and asked the G-Team to share their top picks in new and in pre-loved on the market today. Personally, I remain invested in the pre-loved and therefore, forgive me if I go at little over the top when it comes time to sit on the fence and offer a neutral view.  Ding. Ding. Let the fight commence!


ROUND 1 €220,000

With this budget in hand, we are going to be looking at a range of great and stylish new build apartments, most likely two bed, two bath or a mix of pre-loved apartments, finca’s and townhouses of differing styles, shapes, sizes, and locations. At this price point you really do have a wide and varied selection.

New Build Modern Apartment: Swish architecture, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, garage, good sized terrace and 110msq.  A brand new ready to live-in property.  Let the G-Team walk you around the development and see for yourself what new and modern truly looks like in a stunning new build.

250-Year-Old Townhouse: here we go folks, this is a reform project, a mega one at that, a sizeable amount of work already completed, 370 msq (yes, big), potential for up to six bedrooms and five bathrooms, a rare double garage already built to the rear, space for a pool and a roof terrace plus much more.  This is an ideal opportunity to build a boutique B+B or two large apartments or a stunning residence.


ROUND 2 €450,000

Let us not beat about the bush here web visitors, this is a healthy budget for both new and pre-loved.  You really can have it all.  Bigger terraces, bigger rooms, larger footprints both internally and externally, more space, better views, amenities and much more.

Super Hi-Tech, Modern New Build: on-point architecture, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 2 parking spaces, a huge terrace, 155 msq.  A few months away from completion.  Perfect location and views, boy, is this an apartment to see now.

Premium Gated Community: Contemporary apartment with 2 beds, 2 bath, 2 parking spaces, large storage, 320msq mixed use terrace (say what?  320, yes, it’s big) and 110msq living space.  This is a very nice ground floor apartment with 24-hour security, gymnasium, paddle courts, pool and much more.

ROUND 3 €1,250,000

Hand’s-up! I have nowhere to go on this one.  A dream budget for most of us, I whole heartedly agree. We can dream a little can we not?  I think we can.  Where does this budget take us?  For round three, we have a stonking new modern and a twist on a pre-loved traditional villa.


Out of This World Penthouse: Well folks at this money, we should have it all, shouldn’t we?  4 beds, 4 bath, seriously eyeball stretching views, wide and expansive terraces, parking, and storage, 24-hour security, on site gym and other facilities, 260 msq.  A stunning and very desirable penthouse – I warn you; this is the only one on market right now and I have a big want face.

 Detached, Golf Resort Villa with a Twist: What’s the twist?  Several, the first being that from the outside this villa looks traditional and in keeping with the mountain and frontline golf views, whilst inside, it’s open plan and contemporary.  Check out the sizeable, thatched roof cabana, additional outside eating area, secluded pool, four bedrooms, three and a half bath, multiple terraces, high ceilings, chef’s kitchen, double garage, very private, outstanding established gardens and views and I could go on, but hey, I am just a mere mortal looking at lovely properties.

                                              The Verdict

I guess you know by now my winning entrant.  Pre-Loved is my choice all day long and for a simple reason, I am in love with the Romance of Reforming.  When all’s said and done and forgive me for the direct approach – it’s your hard-earned money and therefore, it’s your choice to make.  New builds offer great benefits and so do pre-loved properties.

The Glaser Group and our famed G-Team is on hand to discuss the benefits of both, to show and share our thoughts in real terms – property hunting and to guide you to make your best property decision.  Make contact today.

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