A reasonably large number of our clients do not live in Spain.  In fact, 73% of clients live in their respective home countries and have second home or investment properties here in the Costa del Sol.  Without taking a poll, it would be fair to say that the majority visit Spain on average 9 times per year.  Some visits will be 2-3 days, in the off season for example and during the summer, up to 8 weeks with four weeks being the norm.  This leaves a significant number of weeks where the property is rented short term, is empty or possibly is having works undertaken.


Clients will frequently ask members of the G-Team for their help and advice.   We are an open book.  Some questions are quick in reply.  Can you arrange a cleaner or where do I buy Internet service? Whereas others can take-up time and are complicated.  For example, how do I import my car?  Or who would you recommend to re-fit my bathroom?   We recognise that some questions have solutions we can quickly answer, and some will take time and need a specialist to resolve.

This is where our concierge service may appeal to you.   We know great tradesmen, legal advisors, the person to import your car, the alarm company to trust, the kitchen fitter, the reform contractor and so on. We can safely hold a set of your keys for those times when you misplace your set or for when you want work doing whilst you are away.  Let’s be frank here, who want’s work undertaking when you are on holiday and when you can have the work carried out when you are not in country? We have a collective network of tried, trusted and capable service providers who do things right, first time, every time.

For those living in Spain or visiting their property on an all too infrequent basis we are here to help. Irrespective of property size or location, condition or value, the G-Team concierge service is available for a modest monthly fee and is an accessible way to get great advice and support.  This saves you time and money.    Let the G-Team ensure your property experience is a great one.

Ask how the G-Team Concierge service will work for you:


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