Not so long ago, first week, November ‘22 to be precise, we were approached by new to us at the time clients who had a dream of moving to Spain from the Netherlands. Let’s call our clients Danny and Mark (real names  protected) who were looking for a new home and business and would prefer to be up and running by the start o fMarch 2023, or at least before Easter.

We were given a rather specific budget for both, their ideal locations, types of property and business interestsand thereafter, free rein to draw-up a short list. As I type, I expect this all sounds so easy, so attainable, achievable, and possible. Well, it’s not that easy and it wasn’t and read once more web visiting folk what the client needs and wants were – close to mission impossible.

Home, business, country to country move, business and personal legalities, car import and much more. All of which to a list of specific requirements and all in four months or less AND with the holiday season and New Year thrown into the mix.

As we say here at GG when such challenges arise “how do you eat an elephant”.The answer being one piece at a time. So, best get to work and get to work we did. The G-Team divided-up their time, focus and efforts, with one group looking for a business and the other a home.Following a beating of the bushes, a pounding of the streets and a good old fashioned chin wag via phone, WhatsApp and a bit of computer time thrown in, the first week’s reaped fruit looked like a long list for both home and business. Thereafter, each on the list was called, visited, and checked out.This cut the list to less than half. Before calling the clients to discuss the list, we invited our trusted legal professionals to run thorough checks on the business and the homes. Our list reduced in size once more and we were left with 3 business opportunities and four homes. We contacted our client’s, we sent information, videos and images and waited for their feedback. A few days later, by the way, we are now 19th November, our client’s made plans to visit and we made appointments. Without boring you dear readers, we went, we saw, and we accomplished. The client’s made offers on a business and a home. Shortly after, two deals made. Boom! Or as we say, Bada Bing, Bada BoomNow for the hard work of crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.First step is for our clients to see their chosenlegal company and to book NIE appointments. Money laundering check’s duly undertaken and cleared, proof of identity confirmed, bank account set-up, power of attorney signatures completed and with that Danny and Mark were on a return flight back home with a new future in their sights.  Once the dynamic duo was ensconced at home, we instructed our car import guru to start the process of importing their modern and much-loved classic car(s).The legal people ensured all licensing for both purchases were correctly assigned and valid. Insurance quotations were provided by several companies and the newowners made their choices, in this instance with two different brokers, one for business and one for home usage. We helped arrange decorators, design, and print plus signage and a new business website was underway. You name it, we did it. The full service. The Full Monty. At times it did feel as if we were very much, fully part of the business, the decisions, the highs, and the lows. Some 12 weeks from first instruction, the new owners are travelling with personal effects and two loveable pooches. They are scheduled to take possession of their new home on arrival.The business is, very much, getting closer to opening for the pre-spring / Easter tourist season. All in all – a big success. The G-Team go “All Out” for our clients. Call upon us for any help or advice you may need, but please, let’s try to keep it property related!

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