The purchase or sale of your primary, holiday or investment property will most likely, for the majority, bring about a sizeable financial outlay or return.  Buying or selling property of any value should not be taken lightly, nor should it ever be undertaken under speedy or fire sale type terms.  There’s no reason to get giddy to snag your dream property, it is a time to breathe, to take stock, and we are here to help.

There are occasions when you may wish to sell or buy a property in a reasonable if not quickish time frame. You may have a desire to realise your dream to live in the Costa del Sol or to realise profit on a sale sooner rather than later. With good guidance and an experienced hand on the tiller, you can achieve the shortest timeframes possible without remorse.

Buying or selling a property are two different processes. Buying is not necessarily down to how hard you can hit the seller, the other side so to speak on obtaining the best deal.  Selling is not always about making the most from the sale.   There is however a vast difference of considerations when you buy Vs sell.   After all, you will then own the property you buy, whereas, when you sell, you no longer have any responsibilities (or you should have none if you sell correctly and with a bona fide legal representative).

For example, we have a client named Bob (client Bob, we call him) who hails from the US of A.  Texas to be specific if you can be specific with a state twice the size of Germany or take the Netherlands which is 6% the size of Texas.  Six percent!  The Netherlands could in effect fit in the back pocket of Texas.  I digress.  Client Bob flew in for a week to see pre-agreed upon properties and to see what else was out here and on market.

Client Bob wants less glaringly hot sun, less super heat come the summer months (than in Texas) and reason why he is looking at an apartment near the coast that is 100% South or Southwest in orientation.  For those of you who have visited Texas in the height of the summer, you just know Client Bob is on the right track.   He also lists a terrace with unobstructive views (no other apartments or unnatural eyesore’s) and with space for a table to seat ten meat eating barbeque fired-up family members around him, all wearing, I guess, Stetson’s.

Client Bob and one of the G-Team (this one) set off on a journey none of us would have thought could have taken so long in side-by-side car time, kilometres, viewing hours, coffee cups, comfort breaks as they say in the US and general looky-loo, rubber necking sight-seeing adventures.  Without boring you dear reader further than one has, we found a property toward the end of our adventures.

On first and second visit, it ticked nearly all the boxes, the price was right, the location perfect and it even had a hat stand. Client Bob was fully informed, we walked the property up down and sideways and for him, this was it.  But wait, what are we waiting for? Why not get the deal done, move on, order-up some beef, fire up the BBQ and sit down with Client Bob and his kin, hand me a cold one and tuck in?

Hold on up Client Bob.  Forget the size, the price, the views, the garage, the location, and the roof top hot tub, we Client Bob have a problem and that problem is not a challenge we can overcome.  Number 1.  Not entirely pointing in the right direction, close but no cigar.  More Southeast than South or Southwest, which is great for breakfast, bad for dinner.  Number 2. Terrace was not quite wide enough for a big family dining table; it was long enough which distracted Client Bob from his true want and need.  Jut not wide enough.

One cannot sit in a car with a client whoever they are and from wherever they hail from, get to know them, push, poke and prod for their thoughts on their ideal dream property, see, visit and touch all there is to offer and then, then just because it’s taken a week of both your time and the client has run out of time, to not give the client what they want.

Had we allowed Client Bob to make an offer and pay his money, we would have sure seen him a few months later when his table en route from the US would have to be cut into two pieces to fit on the terrace and he would have been wearing a ski hat vs his Stetson come dinner time.

All of us here at the Glaser Group are committed to being “Your Devil’s Advocate” irrespective of what the perceived loss maybe to you the client, the sales agent or to the agency finding or showing properties.  Our time is just that, our time.

In the end, clients who buy or sell happy are what make our business grow and our reputation gain strength.  Without them, without doing right by our fellow man, we are no longer playing the part of advocate, we could fall into the trap of selling ourselves to the …

Our search with Client Bob continues.

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