To this day, I am yet to meet an American who disagrees with the G-Team’s strong belief, strong feeling that living in the Costa del Sol offers many similarities to the ever-desirable state of California.  It could be argued that without the litany of actors, know it all’s, gangsters, and the overwhelming presence of Prius drivers, that what we have here is close to nirvana.

As someone who lived in the northern part of Cali, close to San Francisco and having travelled extensively throughout California for business and pleasure (more of the former sadly), the visual similarities are as strong as the exhaustive abundance of the manmade, natural, indoor, and outdoor activities and pursuits on offer in the Costa del Sol.

Being a child of the seventies, (ahem), we enjoyed a game of cards called Top Trumps.  The game was as simple as it was thoroughly entertaining and at the same time, educational.  Each pack of cards would focus on a specific topic, say motor cars or planes.  For this example, let’s take cars as our topic.  Each card would be allocated to a make and model of car.  The cards would list the high and low specifications of each vehicle. The pack of cards were then distributed between the players of which there could be two up to 8.  Best were two player games.

The participants would each pick a card from their hand, and they would go head-to-head trying to outwit the other with the high or low factual reference numbers.  For example, the size of a Lamborghini engine would beat that of a Mini.  Whereas the 0-60 time of a VW Beetle may on this occasion beat that of a Citroen 2CV. The loser would give-up the card in hand until the winner of the game held all cards.   This is well before Pacman, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders arrived and so, cutting edge and state of the art stuff!

Back to our Costa del Cali comparison.  Over the coming months or year, we could very much see the Costa Vs Cali battle last for longer in this here blog cum news section.   Both sun-soaked locations have so many things to shout about, many things in common and in essence, ability to Top Trump each other.  In all fairness, it’s not a battle.  For those who live in California – congrats to you. How are those Lakers? If you live here in the Costa del Sol – you sir or madam are assured, you have the best of the best on offer.

We promise to undertake our upmost responsibility to outline the what’s what and the who’s who of this area and region.  Unless my feelings on this matter have been smoked out somehow or have gone unnoticed, I firmly believe the Costa del Cali is equally as attractive and yet more attainable than California could ever be.

We start with our simple game of Top Trumps in factual terms, how you wish to decipher the information, is your prerogative.  Let the game begin and let us open your eyes to the immense value and sheer living delight the Costa del Sol has to offer.    In the next episode of Costa del Cali, Golf and golfing will be our first head to head battle.

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