As our dear readers will well know, the G-Team sells new and pre-loved homes, land and off-plan developments.  Additionally, we evaluate and sell businesses such as boutique hotel’s, bed and breakfast, restaurant opportunities, commercial developments, and oddball “one off” novelties (some have been odd, very, very odd).  The G-Team can and does advise you on all property matters.

As you would expect, we list properties for sale and help sellers find buyers.  Before, we can list and press the button to upload your sole residence or investment or holiday home into the world, the first step is to make a visit to ascertain what it is on offer and what is for sale.

Thereafter, we take awesome photos, agree a price, write both an accurate and attractive description and then get to work promoting, advertising and marketing to our extensive network and to the world at large.

We are sometimes surprised, by one or two owner’s lack of understanding of where and what the market is doing in terms of pricing and attractiveness, fast or slow sales.  We say this as, most of our clients and those looking to sell, seem to know all too well the lie of the land and what the owner themselves feel their property is worth.

Afterall, unless you are fully committed to living out your time in your Costa del Sol property, what does it matter what your residence is worth, what it is valued at? On the basis you are never moving, ever again and possibly want to live life Vs concern yourself of what you may leave behind, then not one jot.  For the majority however, it’s an on-going conscious state whereby you have or would like a sense of what your asset is worth.

For most of our clients, they seem to know exactly what their property is worth.  Or so they believe.  Owners should try not to rely on the neighbours, friends at the golf club or the local bar owner to know what a property is worth.  This is the reason why; we wholly recommend that your first call should be to a real estate agent.

Before we set off to meet, greet and value a property, we have a sense of what the property is, the surroundings, the size and general know how of what is in the area, what has sold and how quickly.  To a certain extent we are armed with an understanding based on our experience, what on-line listings we can see, what comparable examples there are that have sold, price per metre in terms of plot, build size and build cost (to name a few).

So, whilst we are sometimes surprised by an owner under appreciating their property value we are never surprised by an owners desire to inflate the value of their property from a gut feeling or from what they heard at the golf club

We all wish to capitalise on our hard work or savvy investment.  None of us wishes to accept we may not have chosen as well as we could have or say our dream of realising a higher number, may be just a dream.  Wanting something to be priced or in this case valued at a bigger number is a desire and not in a good number of cases, a reality.

When we consider selling our property, we do so for a reason and that reason could be one of many – downsizing, capital release, change of location in country or re-location to another country, being honest here, separation or end of life.  Whatever the reason, unless you have no timeframe in mind, go on, throw caution to the wind and over price your property.  For the rest, there will be a timeframe attached to a sale and to realise your selling goal and therefore, an accurate price is much needed.

Pricing, marketing, and timing are ultimately the deciding factors to ensure both parties are happy financially and that they see a WIN WIN.   We cannot look into our crystal ball, and we don’t lick our fingers and stick them in the air.  We aim to give you solid advice as to when you will sell and what price you should achieve come sale time.

Our G-Team is here to “go all out” to make your property sale realistic.  We want you to get on with whatever comes next.  Call on us for a real-world valuation of your property and let’s get you on your way to achieving a swift, accurate and happy sale.

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