Since the early 1960’s, the Spanish government and its good citizens have maintained and encouraged an openness to meet and greet those from other countries either through tourism or immigration. Your first visit to Spain will be a memorable and positive experience. It’s no wonder then that Spain is recognised as being one of the top three tourist destinations worldwide and is ranked higher than most in terms of inhabitant well-being. However, not all visitors wish to leave Spain behind with some 500,000 or so taking the decision to move to Spain on a permanent basis year on year.


There are many unique attributes Spain has to offer and many reasons why moving to Spain should be a consideration for those looking for warmer climes and a healthier way of life. For example, those of us who move to Spain are greeted with exceptional cuisine, fresh produce, world class wines, first rate golf courses, incredible scenery and endless class leading beach and coast lines to name but a few. Additionally, a move to Spain offers a safe environment to enjoy life and to raise a family. In fact, it’s unmatched by any similar, on paper destination.


For those considering a move to Spain, one key driver is the idea of all year-round sun. Whilst there is no such thing as endless sun, all of us are drawn to longer days, warmer winters and enjoying our free time in the outdoors, preferably with sun on our backs. A move to Spain provides you with the closest you can expect to endless sun with more than 300 days of sunshine per year.


For most, a move to Spain is achievable and attainable. Europeans have long enjoyed the open borders that Spain provides along with its EU country collective. Should you be considering a move to Spain from the United States, UK, Middle East or South Africa for example, then Golden Visas are available for those that invest to a minimum level property value. Other Visas include Non-Profit or Non-Lucrative and the newly introduced Digital Nomad. Owing to the wide and varying differences in an individual’s circumstances, we recommend you contact us at your earliest convenience for further information.

The G-Team is on hand to discuss all property matters and most importantly, how to get the most from Spain and in particular, the Costa del Sol.

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