Costa del Sol – Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 1

The Glaser team is often kept busy with a broad spread of US and European based clients.  We have become a go to source for advice and information for our American cousins.  Equally, we are called on to shed light over Spanish property matters for our European neighbours.   Be it local, a little way away or across the Atlantic, the Glaser Group are your go to for property in Southern Spain.

As a result, our working week is split.  Part of which dedicated to full time relocation and the other, first- or second-time buyers.  Whereas some clients are looking to plan their retirement and have time on their side, some seek investment properties and some just wish to live the Spanish dream, today.    It’s all good.  We like what we do, and we are good at it.

Whilst we continually share thoughts and advice with clients, we thought it time we share views on our in-house reasons to be cheerful, why the Costa del Sol is the place to be.  We fly the flag for the area and for good reason, here’s a few.  This appreciation and respect are seldom seen in a good number of other countries save for say, Italy where familiar is numero uno.

  1. Healthcare

As we grow older, we start to recognise the need for and require better, and in some cases, lower-cost healthcare.  Spain offers a high standard of healthcare at a lower cost be that through state-owned or insurance-backed hospital and general physician care.

This is not hearsay dear reader, as I can attest my own experience.  Two members of the family enjoyed and received first-class ophthalmic care by way of cataract surgery and sight rectification.  Another (parent in this case) received better than back in the home country support through and for a Parkinson’s diagnosis.  This was way ahead of any available care, let alone diarised dates for the first appointment, had they returned to the United Kingdom.

Lastly, some years ago, for whatever reason, I woke to find I had no use of my right leg. Totally numb.  Within an hour of arriving at the local hospital, I’d received full blood work and was lying inside an MRI – find that urgency or attention to patient care elsewhere.


  1. Over The Counter Medicine

Much-needed medicine is considerably cheaper to buy over the counter and in many cases without a prescription.  Without any doubt, Spanish pharmacies and pharmacists are professional, facilities are modern and new, are manned by English and Spanish-speaking employees and are always at your disposal.  Nothing is too much trouble.

In short, Spain has a well-developed over-the-counter network in Europe to equal that of any within the United States.  Whilst we may not have the overpopulation of specialist consultants and myriad of dedicated specialist and medical facilities.  For most, Spain offers A1 care in a justifiable, affordable, and accessible way.


  1. Taxes

Whilst everyone has an individual tax case to answer to a respective government, we often find that Spain offers more favourable tax benefits than our European neighbours, American cousins.   In most cases, the Costa del Sol has no wealth nor inheritance tax and annual taxes on property or investments are lower.   We urge anyone looking to relocate or purchase property in Spain to seek out professional advice specific to your personal situation.


  1. Respectful Values

Spanish people have an unmatched appreciation for older generations.  They have respect for all older people and often are seen to go out of their way to assist older people in any way they can.  Even if these people are not family.  This appreciation and respect are seldom seen in a good number of other countries save for say, Italy where familiar is numero uno.

Family remains the number one focus for any Spanish person, always has, and always will.  It is the reason you often see three, sometimes four generations living under the same roof.  Remember, familiar, familiar, familiar.


  1. Simple Way of Life

This is not a country that holds personal possessions at the forefront and the Spanish are not avaricious people.  There is no immediate need to sign up for long-term debt to fund a new car, a property or boy toys.  Cars seem to last forever, no one appears to swap houses and flash jewellery is left to the tourists.  The idea of being one up on the Joneses does not exist here.

Neighbourhoods are close-knit and look after each other.  You will get to know your next-door neighbour in the nicest ways possible.  From experience, the local communities are not plagued with litter, graffiti, hoodlums, beggars, or thieves.

Turn back time to the fifties or sixties in America or up to the latter 70’s in the United Kingdom and this is how Spain is today, traditionally, value-wise.    It is so refreshing and brings a blanket of calm to your day-to-day life.


  1. Speed of Life

Siesta’s.  Do we enjoy a Siesta?  Not here in the office, no.  We do not. Honest.  Do 99% of Spanish residents?  For sure.  Everyday 2.30 pm looms and every day to the point you can set your watch on it.  The roads clear, no one walks on the pavements, shops close, bread or baguettes are finally purchased, and people return to their homes. Enjoy a good lunch and equally, a good sleep. As the years of tenure living in Spain pass, the more we all long for a good, afternoon, nap.


There you have it.  The first of our three parts, reasons to be cheerful. For when you think of and consider the Costa del Sol for your next (or first) holiday, investment, or permanent living property.

Contact the team at your convenience and let us show you the Costa del Sol through not only our eyes, but those of our clients, customers, and friends.

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