#FOMO – News Article

A little while back, we shared our experiences with Client Bob.  Y’all know, Client Bob. He’s from Texas and he wanted, a BIG outside dining table to share good times with his kin.  We got there in the end and Bob is a happy camper, apartment living the Costa del Sol dream.   

Where Client Bob was a little too keen to buy, buy, buy, there is the other side of “Trigger Happy” which in Texas they call, “Gun Shy”.   It’s the fear of making a decision. Any decision. The fear that if you keep waiting longer not only will your perfect property come on the market, but that this, will be the one.  You dare not miss it.     

In some cases, the chase of finding property starts to take over and it’s at this point that some clients have a fear of not viewing property any longer.  That this constant search is the process you enjoy the most.  That the buying or deciding will stop the search and viewing process in its tracks.  Well, yes, that’s the point.  Finding and enjoying vs. search and view.  

Some of the Glaser Group are of an age where you’d replace Gun Shy, with FOMO. The Fear of Missing Out.    This man’s trusty resource, the Cambridge dictionary suggests that FOMO is a worried feeling that you may miss exciting events that other people are going to, especially caused by things you see on social media: Don’t get FOMO.   Well, neither do I.  

Now, whilst the Cambridge dictionary suggests FOMO is particular to events, it makes it quite clear that it relates to social media.  The real estate sector is heavily reliant on social media, with Facebook and Instagram being the chosen choices of most agencies to market, build awareness and, hopefully, drum up a viewing or two.  

This is where FOMO starts.  Signing up for agency social feeds up and down the coast will support and feed FOMO.  Not necessarily find your property.   While some properties could offer what you seek, there are many that will not. 

The reality of social is this: sexy presentations and images of properties in or outside of your budget. In a location not necessarily suitable or with none or few of your wish list, tick box requirements.  Social supports visual marketing with a slice of glamour, quick videos with exciting, modern music playing, and ultimately, it sells a dream.  

Unfortunately, the dream can be, the dream.  There is no correlation between reality and fantasy.  For those on a journey looking for a property that does not seem to exist or is rather elusive, it’s time to evaluate the list of wants and needs.  Be honest with yourself about price and budget available.  To look at different areas or maybe a smaller property.  

What we know, what we believe in, Andalucia, Costa del Sol and certain areas within the coastline are hot, hot, hot.  It is unlikely that your dream property will come on the market under budget for the area and if it does, chances are it will have been sold the first day the agency lists that property.  

There’s no FOMO in buying houses.  Client Bob and his fellow Texans are more likely correct at “Gun Shy”.  At some point, if you stick to your budget, and your list of wants and needs and try, to work with a select number of agents or agencies, you will get to live your Costa del Sol property dream.  

Through our proven method of fact-finding and experience working with satisfied clients, the Glaser Group is focused on ensuring your list of wants and needs is clear and concise.  We are resolute in our determination to show you properties that will turn your head and that will give you all you need.  There’s no need for any fear of missing out.  Call the team today and let us show you our version of property finding success.   Alternatively, take a look on like HERE.

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