COSTA DEL CALI – Boating Edition

Sea fairing vessels have long offered those inclined the allure of freedom to travel, to explore faraway lands by the greatest marvel of all, the sea.    Boats, ships, or yachts or for those with the means and sensibility, a dingy are a few of the many variants of craft in which some like to enjoy the water, water sports, and the outdoor, sea-going lifestyle.   

For this episode of Costa del Cali, we will try and enlighten you dear reader about the differences between the Californian and Andalucian boat world and those who prefer the warmer temperatures of the Mediterranean Sea vs. Pacific Ocean.  This should be 1-0 to Costa, the temperature of the Pacific is no picnic summer or winter.  Alas, no.  

Before we head into this battle of boats, I feel that it is only fair to confess and offer up my lack of sympathy and half-hearted interest at best for the sheer stupidity one endures from owning an entity that tries at all costs to make one suffer.   I have had the displeasure and ongoing recurring nightmare of my brief encounter with the sea as a boat owner.  

The adage “there’s only two happy days in boat ownership” is undoubtedly true.  This is all with the caveat of “in my opinion”.  When you buy a boat, you think you’ve found nirvana, that “normal” folk are yet to uncover this secret. That you, you are special, and that this purchase will enlighten and further your life beyond measure.  

Then, when you sell the boat, you are so relieved of the financial pain, the emotional drain, and the pure lack of interest in the sea, you immediately wipe your memory of the catastrophic and disastrous emotional roller-coasting experience. Finding solace in your newfound freedom to look at land as safety and normality.  A sort of face-off, Vanity vs. sanity.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get to our Costa V Cali Boating Edition head-to-head.  

An important question for the water brigade is where one moors one’s money pit. Again, sorry for being so negative.  In my defense dear reader, those who have subjected themselves or continue to do so, only know too well – money pit is being kind.   


Keeping one’s float on the water offers our captain of the seas a myriad of choices.  Here in the Costa, we have fifteen marinas.   Los Angeles alone has close to one hundred and that’s Los Angeles on its own.  Fair to say, Cali 1, Costa 0.    For the whole of California, there are close to 600 plus Marinas.  Spain has 350.  Our white, blue, and gold brocade hat off to you Cali.  2 zero.  


Berth or mooring or call it what you will comes down to where.  In LA, Marina Del Rey is up there with the best of them.  Here in the Costa, it must be Puerto Banus.  For sheer chutzpah, you’d be hard-pressed to beat Banus with the exception of Cannes or Monaco.  Ferrari’s, flashy folk, money over substance, endless parties, excessively priced restaurants, and no end of shops to squander your hard-earned mullah on.  Cali 2, Costa 1.  


Size.  We like size. Boating people like size.  Boat manufacturers like size.  Therefore, this is about, size.  Marina Del Rey has some 4600 berths.  Puerto Banus 915.  Cali 3, Costa 1.  


Price of a berth?  Well, hold on to your ahoy matey garb readers.  Based on a 30-foot boat, Marina del Rey is a mere €2800 per annum, Puerto Banus €4000 plus.  Cali 3, Costa 2.   


For those feeling I am a little one-sided toward Costa, let me offer you a Cali bone.  How many feature films have been shot in Marina Del Rey?  North of 600.  Lincoln Lawyer, The Jackal, and even CHiP’s to name just three.  Puerto Banus let’s not even sully its name with such nonsense (BTW, a few z listed at best) Cali 4, Costa 2.  


Established dates:  Marina Del Rey 1965, Puerto Banus 1970.  Let’s call this a draw as is it better for your money pit to be attached to a slightly older crumbling structure or a slightly newer version?  Cali 4, Costa 2.  


There is no question that California loves boating.  Costa del Sol is not necessarily cheaper nor better for the boating lifestyle, but the area is more accessible in terms of cost of living, varying property types, less size, manageable population, and offers generally, better value for money.  However, I fall on my sword to accept on this occasion, Cali wins.   Purely on Size.  Of course.  


I will add to this article by leaving our boating edition where it belongs and with further colour and my last thought on my clear and strong feeling, I share with many.  Someone we know and who shall remain unnamed, calls his floating gin palace, a 42-foot and a whole eight-inch in length, British-made Sunseeker, LUNASEA.    


Remember folks, our Costa del Cali articles are in some ways, written for fun, Yes, there is a high portion of facts in each read and yes, we remain firm believers that in dollar-to-euro value, the Costa del Sol wins, most of the time.   The Glaser Group and team of property professionals are here to guide and support your desire to live in the Costa del Sol, Feel free to call on at any time or leave an enquiry here

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