Costa del Sol – Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 2

The Glaser team is often kept busy with a broad spread of US and European based clients. We have become a go to source for advice and information for our American cousins. Equally, we are called on to shed light over Spanish property matters for our European neighbours. Be it local, a little way away or across the Atlantic, the Glaser Group are your go to for property in Southern Spain.

As a result, our working week is split. Part of which dedicated to full time relocation and the other, first- or second-time buyers. Whereas some clients are looking to plan their retirement and have time on their side, some seek investment properties and some just wish to live the Spanish dream, today. It’s all good. We like what we do, and we are good at it.

Whilst we continually share thoughts and advice with clients, we thought it time we share views on our in-house reasons to be cheerful, why the Costa del Sol is the place to be. We fly the flag for the area and for good reason, here’s a few. This appreciation and respect are seldom seen in a good number of other countries save for say, Italy where familiar is numero uno.

In part one of our Cosa del Cheerful series we started the ball rolling by giving you six reasons to be here with us, in the Costa del Sol.   Continue reading our series and make contact to discuss your property requirements.  Enjoy.


  1. Stress Free

Road rage?  Jumping a queue?  Backed-up at the petrol pumps?  Traffic jams spoiling your day?  Roadworks?  Trains not running on time?   Spain just moves along to get along and the chances of an incident or daily frustration arriving at your feet is next to not happening.  Zen moment dear reader.  Zen.


  1. Ease of Residency

There are a handful of ways to become a resident of Spain.  For example, Non-Lucrative, European Family Member, Nomad and Golden to name four of seven Visa options to make your way to this country.  You do not necessarily have to purchase property to become a resident.    Each case is different, and you should seek legal advice pertaining to your situation.

The often discussed “Golden Visa” is readily available for property purchasers of €500,000 or more.  A golden visa provides you with an automatic residency in Spain and provides a wide range of benefits.

For retirees, Spain has a welcoming acceptance for those who own or rent.   Your legal representative can not only take care of your purchase they can also obtain the NIE (like the social security or national insurance number) and open a bank account in your name.    Straightforward steps.

Spain has a long tradition of being one of the easiest countries to obtain residency or to purchase property for permanent living.    Make contact at your convenience and request the Glaser Guide to Spanish Residency.


  1. Safety and Security

Spain is without any hesitation or question, a lawful society that upholds a strong belief and respect for the police and the governing bodies who oversee and direct it’s citizens for their overall wellbeing and safety.

For example, there are three types of police force here in Spain and each one is highly respected, if not close to being feared.   Whereas gang’s may be widely tolerated in certain parts of Europe or America, they are not tolerated nor accepted here in Spain.

Citizens of Spain enjoy a safe and secure life that is most likely unrivalled by few if any countries not only in Europe, but worldwide.


  1. Culture and Lifestyle

Putting aside the considerable number of sunshine days (more than France, California, Italy, or Florida), the Costa del Sol is home to world class beaches, coastlines, protected parkland, and woodlands to enjoy day in, day out.  This is a real outdoor living country you can plan and enjoy on your terms.

Spain offers an extensive culture steeped in history and tradition.  Picasso was born in Malaga; the country has several world class art galleries honouring Pablo’s extensive output.  Malaga itself was founded in 770BC.   Additionally, the country provides fantastically wide and varied culinary delights, arts, music, opera and theatrical entertainment, sporting events and the list goes on.  See point 12.

Summer nights are an endless and enjoyable part of family life here in Spain.  You will often see families of all ages enjoying late night strolls, a tapas or small beer, coming together before for long afternoon lunches or late-night dinners.


  1. Home Grown Produce

Spain produces a wide and varied range of home grown produce.    Fruits and vegetables are in abundance, grapes (chin chin) to support the sizeable wine industry, growing almonds, and the recent trend for farmers to grow avocados to name a few big hitters.

There’s some 8,000kms of coastline surrounding Spain and therefore, seafood and fishing support the country’s appetite for healthy protein.  Pork product is a large part of the country’s diet as are chickens, goats, beef, and lamb.

As a Brit who hails from arguably the best dairy region (Cheshire by the way) of cheese and dairy products, therefore miss from time to time this natural fair.  There’s little to wonder why the Spanish struggle with dairy, no sufficient waterfall to grow the grass cow’s need to produce. Overall, a significant number of products are grown here and what we miss, we move on from.


There, that’s the second of our three-part series, Reasons to be Cheerful for when you think of and consider the Costa del Sol for your next (or first) holiday, investment, or permanent living property.


Contact the team at your convenience and let us show you the Costa del Sol through not only our eyes, but those of our clients, customers, and friends.

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