Costa del Sol – Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3

The Glaser team is often kept busy with a broad spread of US and European based clients. We have become a go to source for advice and information for our American cousins. Equally, we are called on to shed light over Spanish property matters for our European neighbours. Be it local, a little way away or across the Atlantic, the Glaser Group are your go to for property in Southern Spain.

As a result, our working week is split. Part of which dedicated to full time relocation and the other, first- or second-time buyers. Whereas some clients are looking to plan their retirement and have time on their side, some seek investment properties and some just wish to live the Spanish dream, today. It’s all good. We like what we do, and we are good at it.

Whilst we continually share thoughts and advice with clients, we thought it time we share views on our in-house reasons to be cheerful, why the Costa del Sol is the place to be. We fly the flag for the area and for good reason, here’s a few. This appreciation and respect are seldom seen in a good number of other countries save for say, Italy where familiar is numero uno.

Here we are web readers, the final part of our 3-part Costa del Sol Reasons to be Cheerful series.

We hope to have provided you with a further understanding of what makes the Costa del Sol so very special and why you should when the time comes, consider making an investment in this attractive, accessible, and on the whole, affordable part of Spain.


12. Outdoor Activities

For those who have read, are reading, or are looking forward to the next installment of our Costa del Cali series, you will know, that the Costa del Sol offers virtually, every, outdoor activity imaginable. We have drilled down to the odd one or two outdoor pursuits we may not have access to or have seen here in the Costa del Sol.

What are these two elusive sports? Powerboat racing and white-water rafting. These two I expect are here in some form, not quite the same as say Miami or California, but hey if these rock your boat, pun intended, sorry.

Aside from this, we genuinely have it all. Four, and two-wheel fun, zip wire, water sports, yachting, boating, mountains, beach, racing tracks, skiing, motorsports, equine, racket, football, basketball, rugby, ballooning, swimming and so much more, we have it all.


13. Value for Money
Let us start with a caveat, value is in the eye or pocket of the beholder. What we may think is good value could be deemed to be by others, expensive. What we think is great food, a good bottle of wine or good value for money come restaurant bill time could be deemed dinner for the dog or hugely overpriced. You get the idea.

What we feel, what we think we know, is show us another location that gives what the Costa del Sol does and continues to do. We have safety, views, beaches, pauper-to-prince budgets for property, restaurants, golf, water sports, and a whole load more. We and you can have it all in the Costa del Sol.


14. Similarity
Spain and in particular, the Costa del Sol has a feeling and reality of not being typically or overly Spanish. Whilst there are many areas that are World Heritage attractions and what would be deemed “typical” like Mijas Pueblo for example, an American tourist would not feel out of their comfort zone.

This is unlike a good number of other potential moving destinations like Greece or Italy where you can and often do feel like you are surrounded by another world and, in many cases, a non-English speaking population.

The Costa del Sol offers a non-Spanish speaking visitor or the new to Spain resident a welcoming English voice. You can and will find a welcome face at your new bank, supermarket, doctor’s surgery or dentist, and local restaurant or bar.


15. Not America
What’s great about Spain and in this case, the Costa del Sol? Answer, it’s not America. Spain has successfully retained family values and a better day-to-day living for all its citizens.

In the Costa del Sol, the streets are safe, people are relaxed, and we don’t have stress in the same way as you do in say NYC or even San Diego. This series of articles should give a positive indication of why it’s not America, and why that, is attractive for your better wellbeing.


16. Not Fill in the Blank European Country
See 15 above. It’s not the Netherlands, the UK, France, Belgium, or Scandinavia. It’s not any of them put together. This is the Costa del Sol.


17. Gun Control
None of us should live under the possible threat of gun crime. I will say no more about my feelings toward the USA’s Second Amendment and a citizen’s right to bear arms. There are approximately 1% of Spanish citizens who own a gun and most likely, a shotgun for hunting purposes. Whereas a whopping 40% or more of the US population owns at least one gun, with a known 60%+ having two or more. Let me finish this topic by informing you dear reader that 3% of the US population own a collective 130Million plus guns.


18. Good Place to Invest
The Costa del Sol offers a great place to consider a holiday or investment property. Prices have risen steadily year on year and the market is stable. There’s a tremendous mix of new builds and pre-loved properties to explore and we are ready to help.


Our Take
Our healthcare may not have all the bells and whistles they have in the States and in some parts of Europe, but we have great and gifted doctors and nurses here too. We have more new hospitals or have had newer ones built than the USA has on a per capita basis. The standards of state-provided healthcare are night and day difference to America and I dare say, quite a few European countries. Prescription medicine if not supplied by the healthcare system is considerably less than back home.

Eating out and enjoying time with your family and friends is a given right here and always, good value. Good weather and a great outdoor lifestyle need not be for the rich and famous, we all enjoy these benefits here in Spain. As we grow older, the Spanish population will grow with you and will, in turn, respect you. Lastly, you can feel safe and always protected.

Whilst the tax situations change like any other country, Spain generally has lower taxes than our European neighbors and for sure, lower than most of the USA. Day-to-day living, enjoyment, endless sun and warm weather, and awesome activities all sum up to a big bang for your buck or good value for money, call it what you will, the Costa del Sol delivers.

Make contact at your convenience and let us show you how you can enjoy everything this coastline offers and more. Without hesitating, the Costa del Sol offers the very best in Mediterranean living, and as they say, why wait?

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