Periodically, not haphazardly mind you, we catch up with our clients to check in and see that all is well and to see if we can help further their Spanish and new property experience. In most cases, it’s nice to just “catch up”, to “hang out” with folk with whom we have jointly enjoyed each other’s company for upwards of 2 years or so. By the way, the majority of Spanish dreams average 12 months from the light bulb moment to keys in hand.

In some instances, we find the conversation runs riot with “Did you know” “We did this” or “Why didn’t you tell us”? Then the perennial, “When are you playing golf with us” – more the latter folks, when and if, and how.

These last few months this writer’s inquisitive mind has expressed an interest in answering two questions, which most of us know, the right questions, can lead to a whole host of avenues to explore. So, good web-reading folk, over the coming updates we will ask and seek answers from an interesting cohort of clients hailing from the USA, The Netherlands, and the UK. Those waiting patiently for each of our updates will be well served, four episodes – ooh goody. The skinny so to speak is as simple as:

Why did you move to the Costa del Sol? Followed by: Has reality lived up to the hype?

Well, that’s that, two simple questions to ask and hopefully receive answers from our super clients from differing walks of life and hailing from different locations. Here’s part two.



Whoop whoop.  Our second episode of why we moved to the Costa del Sol sees this writer speaking with a handful of our Dutch clients, of which we have many, to discuss their reason why they moved or why they purchased property here on the coast.  


Overall, my experience with citizens of the Netherlands tells me, that you are more likely to find young(er) families moving here with their children than from any other country.  The Dutchies are keen and frequent buyers of investment and holiday homes, and they are equally committed to retiring on the coast.  In fact, in you were looking for a folk who take the bull by the horns, and seize the day, the good people from the Netherlands are it.   


In a nutshell, why did our clients move to the Costa del Sol from the Netherlands:


CLIMATE No surprises here and with all transparency, the number one reason for all movers is the sun, the climate and the perfect all-year-round weather.  320 plus days of sunshine, moderate winter temperature, no cold spells, no snow, ice or driving rain.  Colour me sold.  


ACTIVITIES Lots and lots more outdoor and indoor activities are here and available for your pleasure, year-round.  Without any hesitation and this is a subject we’ve discussed on many occasions, whatever your wish, the Costa del Sol delivers.  Be that horse riding, water sports, golf, mountain activities – you name it, it’s here.  


OUTDOOR LIFE There is a difference between outdoor activities and outdoor life.  Our Dutch clients confess to spending endless amounts of time outside.  They are walking or cycling, enjoying a small beer, taking in the sights, topping up on some much-needed warm sun rays and even our favourite pastime, BBQs and eating outdoors.  There is something to be said for eating outdoors, maybe it’s the inner caveman we all carry through life – no need to dissect something that gives such great pleasure. 


NOT FLAT A little tongue-in-cheek commentary folks, surely, when you live in the Netherlands, what you want most of all is to see the land that is taller than your own home.  Man was never meant to be far from hills and mountains and if we are going all the way then there’s no better combo than mountain and beach.   This leads me to…


BEACHES The Costa del Sol is home to 140+ linear kilometres of grade A beaches and a beautiful, blue flag waterfront.  There are hundreds of awesome chiringuitos, cool beach bars and endless beach clubs to explore and the sun whilst it does set, is well placed to enjoy long days relaxing on your own, with friends or family. 


INVESTMENT POTENTIAL Many of our Dutch clients bought initially for the investment potential.  Either off-plan new build or to renovate and sell on.  In some cases, retirement planning was at the forefront of the decision-making process, sometimes purely for pleasure and holiday making. 


HEALTHCARE In the Netherlands, healthcare is 100% private and anyone of the age of 18 is expected, if not enforced to pay reasonably sizeable healthcare contributions.  Even then, each “claim” is met with an excess of €3-400 per claim.  No wonder then, that our Dutch cohort decided to move to Spain and the Costa del Sol with this in mind.  


WHOLESOME UPBRINGING Some of our Dutch clients have more than one child under the age of eighteen and in some cases, three or four offspring.  In all cases, the parents fully believed that being here in Spain is a far better way to see your family learn, experience, and grow.  



One cannot question the reasons why our Dutch clients decided to make their way to Spain and in particular, the best area of all, the Costa del Sol.  No need to gild the lily here reader, I am sold.  Sign me to a life in the Costa del Sol and for those lucky young guns who get to experience all this bliss earlier in life, my baseball cap turned backwards, hat off to you all.

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