Periodically, not haphazardly mind you, we catch up with our clients to check in and see that all is well and to see if we can help further their Spanish and new property experience. In most cases, it’s nice to just “catch up”, to “hang out” with folk with whom we have jointly enjoyed each other’s company for upwards of 2 years or so. By the way, the majority of Spanish dreams average 12 months from the light bulb moment to keys in hand.

In some instances, we find the conversation runs riot with “Did you know” “We did this” or “Why didn’t you tell us”? Then the perennial, “When are you playing golf with us” – more the latter folks, when and if, and how.

These last few months this writer’s inquisitive mind has expressed an interest in answering two questions, which most of us know, the right questions, can lead to a whole host of avenues to explore. So, good web-reading folk, over the coming updates we will ask and seek answers from an interesting cohort of clients hailing from the USA, The Netherlands, and the UK. Those waiting patiently for each of our updates will be well served, four episodes – ooh goody. The skinny so to speak is as simple as:

Why did you move to the Costa del Sol? Followed by: Has reality lived up to the hype?

Well, that’s that, two simple questions to ask and hopefully receive answers from our super clients from differing walks of life and hailing from different locations. Here’s part three.



In the simplest way one can introduce a group of stand-up folks, our British clients are either retirees or holiday home buyers.  There are less UK domiciled investment property buyers here in the Costa del Sol than say you will find in the Netherlands. 


There are a few differing reasons for this, but mainly UK folk see Spain as a holiday destination or somewhere to retire.  They always have and I dare say in this writer’s lifetime they always will.  The British enjoy a reasonable number of tax benefits to purchasing “buy to let” properties in their homeland, plus the cottage or mini break holiday business has skyrocketed since Brexit and Covid.   It has become in some ways the new, never had but have now, gold rush.  


Being born in the UK, be that Scotland, Wales, or England meant something and we as its fair citizens would defend the name of our Queen (now King) and great land with a near blindsided approach.  We loved “fill in the name of your chosen UK country here” to the bitter end, even when we knew it wasn’t quite the be-all and end-all.  I am not so sure the average British man or woman feels quite the same as I did growing up or our parents and their parents did post-war time.  Let’s move on before this post become more indulgent than is normal for these types of post.  


For this exercise, I have focused on why the retirees moved and what they were looking for when they decided to leave the great wonder that is the UK. (Sorry, back at it again). 


SUN. SUN. SUN Not unsurprisingly Brits leave home turf primarily for better weather.  To enjoy retirement in a warmer climate that is not only predictable but also next to guaranteed.  What is better: rain, snow, ice, and deep bone cold or hot, warm, and lovely next to your pool, beachfront, or even better on someone’s (not your euros) boat?  This dear reader is probably all you need to know about why the British move to the Costa del Sol.  


LIFESTYLE CHOICES What activities do they do in Great Britain?  Most lifestyle choices be that a family BBQ, golf, cycling, or for those daredevils, hang gliding will be done under the high possibility of rain.  Can you really enjoy any leisure or lifestyle activities when at any time it can rain?  


VALUE FOR MONEY No matter where you or I were born or brought up unless your pappy was a Rothschild, we like our money to go further or at least to feel as if we have received something equal to what we have paid.  We Brits like Value for Money.  Great Britain is fast becoming an expensive place to live.  Spain on the other hand…

SAFETY No one wishes to place themselves in danger or to feel as if they are not safe.  We’ve briefly touched on how our American cousins think about safety or, gun safety or the reality of a fear of guns.  Brits do not think this way.  We do, however, think of sleeping tight in our beds uninterrupted and we like to feel safe.  This is more subconscious than a conscious state, most of us in the UK take safety for granted.  


BRAGGING RIGHTS There is little else a Brit loves to do than, rub the noses of our friends, to make them a little jealous, to brag of our newfound position in life.  What better then, than a move to a country with endless beaches, cold beers, swimming pools wherever you look, and cheap living to boot?  


THE GOLF We are told that the game of golf was first played in Scotland sometime 15th Century.  The British Isles has a considerable number of golf courses, 2593 to be precise.  No wonder that a move to Spain includes Golf as a primary sporting or leisure activity most Brits enjoy.    Moving to Spain offers golf in the sun.  


PROXIMITY The British would seldom consider moving too far away from their beloved island and two and a half to three hours, season dependent is about the furthest.  Family and friends are close by, a return trip is not out of the question and 



The Brits have a long history of taking holidays, weekend breaks, and in a good number of cases, retiring to Spain.  It’s no wonder that a good proportion of UK citizens have Spain on their radar.  All in all, for good reason.   Like we’ve asked before, does it live up to the hype?  I can tell you that it does, but until our update in a few weeks, read between the lines.  


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