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Our last in a series of three “One’s to Watch – Hot Locations Worth Your Attention” comes a rugby-sized oddball – a bit left field.  For those of you looking for the true gem, read on.  Malaga has often been seen as an airport versus a weekend, holiday, permanent home, or investment area to buy property.  

It’s easy to see why, for most of us, we land at AGP Malaga (Aero Puerto Gran Picasso) and head toward Marbella, not thinking about what is on the other side of the coast.  Why turn left, when you could turn right out of the airport and be in one of the more exciting European Cities on offer?  Malaga is in many ways a coastal version of say, San Francisco.  It’s cool and hip, some families made Malaga home way, way back, and stayed to see the continued rise.   Malaga should be on your list of rare cities with beachside locations moments away from your residence.  

The areas of Finca El Pato and Torre Del Rio are in most parts, a new way for marketeers to promote and sell a new area, never been seen before, wow, look at this sizeable amount of land we’ve just found hiding in plain sight – that sort of thing.  This, however, is not 100% correct.  These two areas have been here, for some time.  Communities are living and thriving here. The developers just happened to finalise agreements on the perfect land to build new properties. 


So, what’s here?  Everything you could wish for.  Channel your inner San Fran thoughts and think of that true outdoor lifestyle, all year round.  Not too hot, never too cold.  A grand boulevard separates city life from the beach all in a quiet and calming manner.  Folk walk, run, skate, and cycle up and down.  Beach volleyball and outdoor gym equipment sound more like Venice Beach than City.  Worry not folks, this is city life at its best.  


Nearby there is an Olympic-sized swimming pool, indoor and outdoor.  Numerous Padel and Tennis courts.  The Malaga Yacht Club.  A new Marina is being built a few minutes walk away.  Folk surf here – not something that can be said for the majority of Costa del Sol beachfront locations.  The Royal Malaga rowing club is close by which is an oxymoron – how can you have water where you can surf and just moments away, have open sea waters suitable for rowing?  


Nearby, several national parks are giving you the best of all worlds – City life, outdoor life, beach life, and forest/park life.  What?  Is this for real?  Yes. Yes, it is.  Our team is busy with international buyers looking for something different and that delivers to an extent never seen before.   


Our top picks right now for newly built properties are:

Torremare, Malaga


Octavia, Malaga


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